a few words about the title of the exhibition

The word deculture is a neologism which due to the prefix seems to have a negative meaning.  It is a word appearing in the Japanese anime series Macross Frontier. In the Macross Universe deculture means forget your own culture and learn to accept people not for what culture they are from, but from the fact that you share your own culture that you build with another species. It is initially used in a negative sense and gradually in a positive sense as the series goes on. Deculture may express shock, disgust or even awe.

Using the word deculture, we had in mind the blending of all cultures into the creation of a global culture whose vehicles (people) are not defined by racial, ethnic, linguistic or geographical features but through contemporary means of communication such as the internet and the social networks. The production of objects has invaded everyday life reaching the limits of totalitarianism.

We presented our artworks as indicative toys - examples of deculture to raise consideration on today's interactive way of creating modern culture, the importance of visuality and the effects of a world-wide fabulous culture of commodity.

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