Toys of Deculture

our first group exhibition as the Mighty Gorgonion

This summer, we presented our first group exhibition "TOYS OF DECULTURE" as the Mighty Gorgonion with the support of the "KAM" Centre of Mediterranean Architecture at Gate Sabbionara in Chania. The duration of the exhibition was seven days, from June 7th to June 13th 2017.

We presented two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks created over the last three years.

The theme of the artworks was the constant invasion of the production of objects in all spheres of everyday life that reaches the limits of totalitarianism. Objective of our exhibition was the reflection on today's interactive way of creating modern culture and the effects of a world-wide fabulous culture of commodity. At the same time, we attempted to raise the issue of the culture of vision and the importance of the visual in contemporary life.

The exhibition was a great success for the Mighty Gorgonion and we would like to thank the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture that gave us the opportunity to showcase some of our latest artworks. More than 400 people visited the exhibition and we are grateful and pleased that so many people were interested in our artwork. We would like to thank all the visitors and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality. We enjoyed all the feedback. Thank you.